Mission and Vision

The West Michigan Conservation Network is an effective, diverse, and sustainable partnership of environmental groups, educational institutions, governmental organizations, and private citizens working to conserve and enhance our natural communities through ecosystem restoration and public education.  We are organized to manage:

Habitat Restoration and Management

Maintain and improve the ecosystem quality, function and resilience of a targeted group of sites within the WMCN service community.

Maintain and/or enhance the ecosystem services and recreational opportunities for the benefit of citizens throughout the WMCN region.

Strengthen the long-term success and effectiveness of restoration projects through complementary strategies.

Public and Partner Learning and Engagement

Provide the public with access to cohesive, aligned and unbiased educational opportunities and materials on topics of greatest conservation concern.

Provide all WMCN Partners with the opportunity to increase their organizational capacity and expertise through Network-coordinated trainings and tools.

Provide additional conservation-themed presentations and events for the benefit of the WMCN and its Partners, as needed.

Organizational Structure and Function

Ensure each WMCN member understand its responsibilities as a partner, its role in the organization, and the opportunities for participation in Network projects.

Ensure the format of Network communication, interaction, and function is maximally-inclusive and implemented with the fewest possible logistical impediments.

Ensure the Network’s data, finances, and progress toward desired outcomes is clear and made easily available to partners, stakeholders, and the public.