Recreation Program Assistant

The mission of Ada Townships Parks and Recreation Department is to provide all community members with diverse recreational opportunities including access to premiere natural, historical and cultural areas that enhance our quality of life and inspire the preservation of nature.”.

Job Description: This position primarily assists with planning and implementation of recreation and education programs and events, in addition to clerical and administrative support for the Ada Township Parks and Recreation Department. Other duties may include assisting with care of park grounds, facilities and trails.

Essential Job Functions:

  1. Coordinate with the Parks and Recreation Director to plan and facilitate a wide range of community-based recreation and education programs.
  2. Assist with the administration and clerical needs of the program services offered.
  3. Assist with the registration, data management and recordkeeping of program participants.
  4. Plan, instruct and/or facilitate recreation and education programs offered by the department.
  5. Assist with promotion and marketing of recreational and education programs and services, including printed materials, web site and social media.
  6. Assist, coordinate and supervise volunteers involved in programs and park operations.
  7. Coordinate and supervise youth participants in the programs.

Hours Expected, Dates of Employment, and Compensation:

Currently part time, year-round, 30 hours/week, paid hourly.

More information go to:

Applicants should submit a cover letter and resume no later than Tuesday April 20th, 2021 to: Mark Fitzpatrick, Ada Township Parks, P.O. Box 370. Ada, MI 49301 or email